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December 17, 2019

What to Look for in a Vacation Rental

Booking a rental for a vacation can be tricky, and you never know what kinds of pitfalls you might encounter. We’ve put together a small compilation of tips and tricks to help guide you through the process. Keeping these tips in mind, your rental should be less risky, and more in line with your expectations. Now your vacation can go off without a hitch!

Look Over the Host

Take a look at who owns the property that you’re considering. Do they have good reviews? Do they seem trustworthy? Have they rented out their property before? All these things are important when booking a vacation rental and knowing your host is dependable can go a long way if anything goes wrong during your stay.


Have a strong idea of how much you’re planning on spending on your vacation rental. This site has a filter by price option so you can enter in your budget and have the search results come up with only listings that are within your budget.

Know What You Want

Filter for any amenities that you know you’d really like. Washing machines, number of beds, kitchen setup, fridge, etc. All these amenities are available filters on this site, so check off anything you can’t do without and any listings that come up will have everything you need.

Reserve Early

Vacation rentals tend to fill up early, so if you know when you’re planning on going, be sure to book as soon as possible. This gives you peace of mind for the rest of the vacation planning, and you have the most crucial aspect of the planning out of the way. It’s never fun getting everything ready, and then discovering that there’s nowhere for you to stay!

Respect the Rental Property

Remember that when you’re booking a vacation rental, you’re staying in someone’s home. Please be mindful of their property and treat everything with respect. Owners typically post some rules, so do your best to respect them and try not to do anything that you wouldn’t want done to your own home. And try your best to leave the place in as good (or better) of a condition as you found it!

Write a Review Afterwards

Many hosts rely on reviews to get additional bookings so if you enjoyed your stay, be sure to leave a review saying so. If there was something wrong with the rental, then mention it in your review so future guests are better informed before they book! Leave some kind of record of your experience, and everyone will be better off.

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